3 schools - 3 themes in 2009/2010

2nd Project Year 2009/2010

- Multilateral Comenius Project -     

European understanding for our identity 

- Second theme :  “Who’s my neighbour?” investigation of population movements from/to each of the partner countries during the XXth century (historical data, social reasons, cultural impacts)

- Third theme:  “Europe and economic migrants – the process of becoming a minority” (a look at different reasons that cause workforce displacement)

- Fourth theme: “Cultural identity/shared values/European citizenship for tomorrow, policies/qualification on teaching/managing/enhance cultural diversity" (as cultural mediator/support teachers in Italy)

Final Results:  Comenius website + DOCUMENTATION ( 2 years )   

theme two:         Cerredo

theme three:          Breisach 

theme four:           ACRI 

Coordination of the 2nd project year

multilateral plan 2nd year.pdf multilateral plan 2nd year.pdf (5,9 MB)