Themes of the multilateral Project 2008 - 2010

Multilateral Project 2008 – 2010: Title:  ”European understanding for our identity

First theme “Who’s my neighbour?” -  investigation of population movements from/to each of the partner countries during the XXth century (historical data, social reasons, cultural impacts) 

Second theme “Our traditions – from the past into the future” – discovering similarities and differences between customs and traditions in the partner countries

Third theme “Europe and economy migrants – the process of becoming a minority” (a look at different reasons that cause workforce displacement)

 Fourth theme “Cultural identity/shared values/European citizenship for tomorrow, policies/qualification on teaching/managing/enhance cultural diversity (as cultural mediator/support teachers in Italy)

Task 1 for MSG

A: Familienmitglieder (Eltern, Großeltern, Tanten etc) befragen (nur Erwachsene bitte !!) und diese Ergebnisse in geeigneter Form in ein WORD-Dokument schreiben

"Tradition" in my family.

What does this mean for you ? Do we have it ?

Bitte Beispiele anführen !!!          Fotos als Anlage beifügen

B: What personal experience do you have with immigrants in Breisach / your regionBitte Beispiele anführen !!!

C: Make a T-shirt for the friendly relationships between MSG students and immigrants.  Bitte Beispiele am pc erstellen !!!

D: "Tradition" in families of immigrants.

Interviews und videos/photos machen, z.B. in lokalen Restaurants / Clubs / Geschäften/ Handwerkern, Freunden, etc.